By Nicole Jeffries 

In an unassuming sub-section of Instagram you will find people who are devoted to both reading and critiquing new releases.

But these people, or bookstagrammers as they are called, are breaking the mould of the social media platform by not seeking any particular exposure — something that we all know is pretty rare nowadays.

Unlike, the fashion influencers or the ‘it girls’ of Instagram, who have the ability to command lucrative deals and exotic trips from big name brands, bookstagrammers simply do it for their love of books.

Bookstagrammers are no getting paid big bucks instead they are often funding their habit of reading and posting with their own money. Yes, sometimes a bookstagrammer may get an early review copy of a book, but that is usually it.

So who exactly are Bookstagrammers?

Best-selling author Jo Piazza who wrote How To Be Married, describes them as a group of devoted readers, who provide bite-size reviews and revel in the aesthetics of books (think beautiful covers, wonderfully arranged bookshelves, and breathtaking libraries).

Alyssa Hamilton, the person behind Instagram account Swept Away by Books explains that getting people to read a full review rarely happens anymore, so that’s why the small bit of information a bookstagrammer can provide is so crucial to getting the word out about a particular book.

Feel like adding a few bookstagrammers to your Instagram? Check out these accounts:

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nypl: the New York Public Library.

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