By Town of Kindersley, May 10, 2017

Council Meeting Highlights

Big Dippers Pool Fundraising Committee member Tricia Morton joined the Council meeting by teleconference to share the plans for a 2018 fundraising calendar the committee is beginning to develop as a money maker for Kindersley’s proposed aquatic facility. Morton requested that Council consider being photographed as a group for inclusion in the calendar, which will feature a variety of community information and portraits of other local groups and individuals. Council asked for more details related to project to be presented at a future meeting.

Council considered two requests to waive false alarm fire invoices – one from a resident in a neighbouring rural municipality, and another from a Kindersley resident who incurred previous false alarm fees. Based on the false alarm fees regulations in the Fire Prevention Bylaw and the need to recover costs associated with fire responses, Council did not approve of waiving the. Instead, Council asked Administration to contact the invoice holders to suggest payment options as well as to communicate again with neighbouring municipalities and re-evaluate existing fire services agreements with the Town of Kindersley.

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