By Kindersley Social, June 7, 2017

Reservoir Stocked With New Fish to Encourage Catch and Release Fishing.

Thanks to an initiative of the Ministry and Environment, in partnership with the Kindersley Wildlife Federation and Town of Kindersley, locals can head to the Motherwell Reservoir for some catch and release fishing.

Yesterday Kindersley Conservation Officers released approximately 1500 yellow perch into the Motherwell. Grade 8 students from Elizabeth School also took part as Kindersley Conservation Officers Brett Diemert and Ted Glass explained the value the new aquatic life will bring to the reservoir and area.

Image Courtesy of Town of Kindersley Facebook

Kindersley Wildlife Federation members were also present and will be involved with the monitoring of the oxygen levels in the water, thanks to an aeration system which was installed back in 2015 in a partnership with Community Walking Trail Committee.

According to the Ministry of Environment, the Motherwell Reservoir has a history of being a fishing source. In 1927 it was stocked with yellow perch, then again in 1961 and 1971. Walleye were added in 1996.

This summer gather the family and head to the reservoir for some leisure fishing!
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