U.S. woman says she unknowingly starred in Saskatoon confession video

(Saskatoon Police Service)

By CTV News, July 25, 2017 

An American woman says a video of her admitting to a series of suspicious package deliveries in Saskatoon was not a true confession, and that the script she read from was given to her by someone online.

Samantha Field told CTV Saskatoon on Tuesday that she shot the video for a customer on Fiverr, a website that connects freelancers in creative fields with people looking to buy their services, such as writing, music and video production.

The North Carolina woman says she communicated with a user named “alexemme,” who asked that she read a passage from her new book in a video.

The video, Field says she was told, was to be played at a book launch. Screenshots of the pair’s conversation appear to corroborate the story.

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