Vladimir Putin says some ‘patriotic’ Russian hackers could mount cyber attacks

Russian President Vladimir Putin speaks during a meeting with representatives of international news agencies in St. Petersburg, Russia, June 1, 2017.
Reuters/Dmitri Lovetsky

By Ian The Associated Press, June 1, 2017 

ST.PETERSBURG, Russia – President Vladimir Putin insisted Thursday that the Russian state has never engaged in hacking and scoffed at allegations that hackers could influence the outcome of elections in the United States or Europe.

But the Russian leader admitted the possibility that some individual “patriotic” hackers could have mounted some attacks amid the current cold spell in Russia’s relations with the West.

Speaking at a meeting with senior editors of leading international news agencies, Putin also alleged that some evidence pointing at Russian hackers’ participation in attacks – he didn’t specify which – could have been rigged in an attempt to smear Russia.

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