WATCH: U.K. children greet 7-year-old with new prosthetic leg

Image courtesy of Global News

By Rebecca Joseph, National Online Journalist, Breaking News  Global News, May 4, 2017 

Anu, a 7-year-old U.K. girl born without a leg, showed off her new prosthetic sports blade to her friends in Birmingham, England.

It might just be the sweetest thing you’ll see all day.

When seven-year-old Anu shows off her brand-new, bright-pink prosthetic leg to her classmates, their excitement for her is overwhelming.

The moment was caught on camera by the BBC’s Midlands Today, and has since gone viral.

It shows the children hugging Anu when she gets to the playground, then running and holding hands as she tests out the new sports-blade prosthetic.

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