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Busted Barbell Fitness: Health & Fitness for Everyone

Sports nutrition, supplements, apparel & more in Kindersley

Located at East Crossing Mall, Busted Barbell was born out of the desire to create  something different and unique. Designed  as a place where anyone, from the well  seasoned athlete to someone looking to  lead a healthier lifestyle could come and  ask questions, discover new products, and feel comfortable in the surroundings.

Shilow Bennet and her team strive to help everyone achieve their fitness goals.

“I curated Busted Barbell Fitness to be a safe place for people to come in to ask questions about their health and fi tness inquiries. Safe in the sense that we’ve been in the shoes of the customers- we’ve had to learn from ground zero. We can also appreciate the
struggle that comes along with the journey.”

Shilow adds, “Busted Barbell Fitness isn’t just a retail store, it’s a community of like minded people; yet it’s more like a family with many differences and one major commonality- support for one another. I think that once people feel like they belong to our community, it’s so much easier to adopt our values of support and appreciation for the process of a health and fitness journey.

We don’t just share advice and recommendations with our customers but we share their struggles, their triumphs, their frustrations and their victories (big and small). Busted Barbell Fitness is really a place for everyone to belong.”

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