Remember These Tips for a Safe Fire Burn

Controlled burning is often part of regular farm maintenance and operations. However, caution is required anytime fire is used.

Before you burn, please consult your local Rural Municipality Office to verify no municipal fire ban is in place for your area. Please also call to report your activity to the Control Burn line at 1-866-404-4911. If you plan to burn within 4.5 km of a provincial forest, please call your local wildfire base.

For more information on burn notifications for burns within 4.5 km of the provincial forest, visit the Get a Burn Notification Number webpage.

Protect your Home and Yard Site
It is important to protect these areas from wildfire before there is any smoke in the air. Remember that wildfires ignite easily and can spread rapidly when the grass and stubble is dead and dry. Take the necessary steps to create a fire resistant zone in and around these areas.

Burn Barrels and Fire Pits
Never leave your burn barrel or fire pit unattended, as these are common ignition sources. Fire pits and burn barrels should be located on mineral soil, be screened to prevent sparks from escaping, and have a 1.5 metre ignition-free zone around them.

Canola Burning

Avoid building windrows on swamps/bogs and use a brush rake or excavator to reduce the amount of dirt in the rows. Monitor burnt piles for a least a week to ensure there are no ground fires remaining.

Grass and Stubble
Blade or plow down at least five metres around your planned burn area to create a guard to help keep the fire from spreading.

Burn when there is frozen ground, whenever possible – and always re-pile and re-burn, if necessary, until the pile is completely gone and monitor for ground fires afterwards.

When to Burn
Only burn when it is safe to do so. The early morning or late afternoon is your best time to burn.

When Not to Burn
Do not burn under extremely dry conditions, at the end of the day when it can’t be monitored, or when the forecast calls for high temperatures, low humidity or windy conditions.

Mow Your Lawn
Short, green grass can help prevent the spread of grass fires.

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