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Great Plains College Enhances Programming With Microcredentials and Short-Term Training Options

Great Plains College is pleased to announce that it has partnered with two external providers of continuing education programs that will provide the public with additional short-term training options. These partnerships will allow individuals the opportunity to access even more online learning options where one can gain practical skills and certificates to advance one’s career or employment readiness.

The college has consulted with two leading educational organizations that specialize in microcredentials and other short-term training opportunities. Ed2go and The Learning Network (LERN) provide a variety of professional development and personal special-interest courses which allow students and working professionals a way to bulk up their resumes with field-specific skills. The courses are highly interactive, delivered entirely over the Internet, led by expert instructors and allow access to affordable learning options to be taken at your own pace. Courses are designed for flexible enrolment year-round.

“In today’s competitive job market, continuous personal and professional development is essential to get ahead and gain the skills that today’s employers are looking for,” commented Fritz Eckstein, region manager for Great Plains College. “The variety of programs and courses offered by ed2go and LERN provide access to the latest knowledge, trends and innovations to keep you up to date in your place of employment or profession.”

As part of the recent programming enhancement, the college partnered with UGotClass (a division of LERN) to offer a variety of non-credit professional development courses and certificate programs (microcredentials). UGotClass provides a variety of options in high-demand fields such as business, management, digital marketing, social media, law office management, professional sales, healthcare and many others.

Ed2go offers a wide range of highly interactive courses that are designed to help participants learn new personal and professional skills, or enhance existing skillsets. Ed2go can provide instructor-led courses which start each month and allow students to study and interact with a cohort over a six-week period. More geared to the independent learner, the self-paced course option provides access to all lessons immediately and allows the student up to three months to complete it. Their variety of courses and programs include personal development, business, personal care, leisure activities, finance, computer applications, information technology, academic upgrading, arts and design, hospitality and many others.

Eckstein added that the college recognizes that today’s students are looking for a variety of in-classroom and online options for program delivery. “The convenience of online education is providing individuals with the flexibility to enrich their skill sets and prepare for new or upgraded jobs at a time and place that is convenient for them to learn.”

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to visit www.greatplainscollege.ca/programs-courses/microcredentials-and-ed2go for more information regarding the many opportunities available through ed2go and the Learning Resource Network. Access to each organization’s extensive catalogue of program options are available from this site, along with the ability to register for courses. Interested individuals with questions can also reach out to a college staff member by email at info@greatplainscollege.ca or by calling toll-free at 1-866-296-2472.

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