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Kindersley Trailers: Tips, Tricks, and Advice for Your RV

Wash the outside of your RV after you’re done each trip
Sponge wash with mild soap and water. Avoid spraying water into appliance vents.

Wax or apply a protectant to the exterior or your RV
Protect your RV from rust and weather damage. Start with a dry exterior, and spot-test on a small area of graphics before you do the full application. Be sure to use the correct wax for your type of exterior.

Clean your awning and keep it dry for storage
Clean well with water & a mild soap and lubricate moving parts with silicon spray before rolling up your awning for storage.

Inspect any sealed areas to prevent damage
Ensure that your roof, sides, edges, windows, doors, vents, end caps, moldings, compartments, and underside are sealed off to protect your interior from water and pests. Re-caulk aged sealant as necessary.

Lubricate hinges, locks, and moving parts
Lubricate with a graphite spray lubricant to keep things from squeaking. It only takes a couple of minutes!

Cover outside vents to keep pests and condensation away
Install plastic bags or covers on outside vents for long-term storage to prevent nesting and keep insects out.

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