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Local Female Owned Businesses Boost Our Town and Province

By Mallorie Rast

A province-wide study estimates Saskatchewan could see an economic boost of $17.6 billion per year if more women were encouraged to start, run and grow their own businesses. A snapshot from several local women business owners reveals in doing that involves a mixture of personal vision, a willingness to succeed, a good relationship with the community, and above all else, a desire to serve each customer as an individual.

In a study conducted from September 2019 to June 2020, a team from Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan (WESK) explored the challenges, benefits and economic impact of businesses owned by Saskatchewan women entrepreneurs today. The final report was released at the end of July and noted that in the year 2019 alone, women entrepreneurs contributed $23.1 billion to the Saskatchewan economy and created nearly 192,000 jobs. In addition, more than 80 percent of the province’s women-owned businesses have fewer than 10 employees.

Given the above data, the small, privately owned businesses are big businesses for Saskatchewan. Local business owner of Avenue Fashions noted that local businesses are a secret weapon of a healthy community. “We are the ones who can give a personal and expert touch to your shopping experience.” Avenue Fashions, previously 12th Avenue Fashions before it’s location move three years ago, is a women’s clothing store that proudly gathers many of its articles from Canadian-run trade shows in addition to other global sourcing.

LaBelle Boutique has been serving the Kindersley area since 1984 with trending fashions for three generational shopping. “We take great pride in our excellent customer service and aim to serve the community for their every need,” says owner, Frances McManus.

This observation was echoed by Kimberly Suanter, owner of Studio 306, a beauty and wellness studio. “Locally owned businesses are the ones who bring the big city into your small town.” Studio 306, previously known in conjunction with Tan FX, is a wellness and beauty studio with over 100 products, 95% of which is exclusive. Through the sale of these retail-only found products, in addition to the services of a hairstylist and three estheticians, this family-owned business seeks to give big-city service with small-town warmth.

The business owners in the community also shared that while owning a business can be personally rewarding, a large aspect of this reward is due to the service they can lend to the individuals they serve.

“I enjoy matching people with products that they didn’t know they already loved,” says Christa Sinclair, owner of Clementine, a Floral, Gift, and Home Decor shop located across from the Kindersley Walmart. Clementine offers not only floral services, but it also carries gift and home decor items from tasteful kitchenware, to furniture items, to jewelry and fashionable scarves.

Kelly Insurance, a business locally owned by Nikki Meschishnick, serves its community as an independent insurance provider. “It is my goal to establish a good rapport with my customers and let them know that far from being the bad guys, we are here to help.” With a humming office environment of at least six office personnel, in addition to the office dog, Lincoln, a Husky/Collie cross, Kelly Insurance offers a wide range of insurance services based on each broker’s expertise.

Cindy Jackson-Johns of CrossCountry Wellness operates her business from her home and focuses on restoring the health and function of each of her clients. With services including massage and laser therapy in addition to instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, Jackson-Johns’ greatest thrill in her business is seeing her patients gain freedom from not only pain but also adrenal fatigue, stubborn weight and smoking additions. “When I see my clients freed and able to carry on with their lives, it makes what I do worth doing.”

So with all this in mind one thing is clear, we, as a community and a province, are lucky to have them right on our doorstep!

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