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Kindersley Soccer Registration Open for One Last Weekend

By Mallorie Rast

This is the final weekend for registering for outdoor soccer during September, as registration will close on Monday, August 24th. Kindersley Soccer is offering enrollment for levels U5 to U19, thus children and youth starting at age three up to grade 12 are able to participate in the programs.

“Kids and parents are ready to get back and involved in sports again,” says Cheryl McGrath from Kindersley Soccer, “and this outdoor soccer is a great opportunity to do so.”

The four weeks of outdoor soccer will be slightly different this year due to restrictions from COVID-19. Thus, the focus of this year’s camp will be on building individual skills, an approach that naturally lends itself to compliance with regulations.

In addition to regulation compliance, this program plan is flexible to the number of children and youth enrolled in a particular group. If numbers are low in a certain group, the group will not be cancelled, but can carry on as usual.

McGrath encourages all parents who are interested in signing their child or children for the program should visit their Facebook page, Kindersley Soccer, and read the 8-page document that details the regulations that Kinderlsey Soccer will be following for the September program. Parents are also encouraged to sign up no later than August 24th as the Board will be building programs that week.

Kindersley Soccer is currently considering the factors involved in an indoor soccer season for 2020-2021 before deciding if the season is possible or not. At this point, the organization is reliant on using a school gym in order to host the season, and so far has not been able to get this access due to COVID restrictions. More information will be reported as it comes available.

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