September 1st Marks Safe Elm Tree Trimming 

By Mallorie Rast

Yard enthusiasts and landscapers can now get at those dead limbs on their elm trees that have been bothering them all summer. The trimming ban on elm trees that took effect on April 1st, has now been lifted as of September 1st. 

The tree trimming ban is an annual affair, put in place in an attempt to halt the spread of a disease called dutch elm disease (DED). This tree-killing, forest-eating disease is caused by a fungus carried by small elm bark beetles. The beetles are most active during April to late summer, and are attracted to freshly cut trees. 

Now that September 1st has rolled around, elm tree owners are now not only allowed to trim their trees, but are also encouraged to trim as freshly cleaned up trees actually discourage the growth and spread of DED, as the beetles love hiding in dead branches. 

It is important to remember that even with the ban lifted, it is important to correctly trim the trees in order to minimize DED susceptibility and it is illegal year round to transport or sell elm firewood as it can still carry the beetles.  

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