Australians Are Speaking Up

By Joan Janzen

Someone said, “I can totally keep secrets. It’s the people I tell them to who can’t.” Well, I’m about to share news from Australia that has been kept a secret.

“No one knew what was happening in Australia; the media is not reporting on it, and people are too scared to speak up,” said Kathy, a resident of the Victoria region of Australia. That changed when she began speaking out on social media, describing the current stage four restrictions being enforced, which are unnecessary since there have been 361 deaths in Australia since January, ninety percent of which have been among the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

The government of Australia is conservative, but the Victoria region has a left wing government. “Our state leader said we will not return to any form of normal, we will not be opening new businesses until every Victorian is vaccinated,” Kathy said.

“We’re allowed out alone, one hour a day for exercise. If you’re caught outside the house without a mask, you are given a $1600 fine and arrested,” she explained. “We can only go a limit of 5 kilometres from our homes and have a curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. Entire industries have been shut down, including manufacturing, but liquor stores are open, and supermarkets, pharmacies and post offices. There are police check points right across the state. You need to provide papers from the government website to say we are legally allowed to leave our homes and that our work is essential, or you receive a fine of $19,800.”

She said seniors in care facilities are not being seen by doctors, even if they are sick, 120 people a day aren’t going to urgent cancer screening, and there’s been 600 suicides in Melbourne alone since January, yet the government isn’t taking notice.

The fear is constantly everywhere: the radio, TV, the signs, the check points. Kathy’s 13-year-old daughter has a medical exemption from wearing a mask because of asthma, but she wears one anyway telling her mom that “otherwise everyone will hate me”.

Kathy explained that to get welfare in Australia, you must comply with the government medical directives. The Victorian government said they’d give $300 to everybody who was tested, and $1500 to everyone who tested positive for Covid, as a hardship payment. “Unemployed people were lined up, waiting all day to get tested,” Kathy said. “On the news the government said they are considering fining and jailing anyone for sharing theories that the government doesn’t agree with.”

“Police are smashing car windows and dragging people out for not obeying the rules. Most people are cheering them on saying it’s because of public safety,” Kathy said, “The indoctrination of people is strong.”

It’s illegal to protest in Victoria and the people handed over their guns to the government in the 1990’s. “I’ve always been anti gun, but if you asked me now, my views have changed,” Kathy said.

“Our industries have been sold to China. Our government signed a secret deal, after which planes were arriving from China bringing facial recognition technology, and five G towers were set up everywhere. Our parliament won’t respond to people’s questions and refused to answer any of the opposition’s questions.”

“Australia has always been the testing ground for the world. It’s time for people to stand up for their liberties. I think it’s going to take a lot of people to say they have had enough,” Kathy added, warning people in other countries to speak up now.

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