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Meet Kindersley Firefighter Cassidie Erikson

I’m Cassidie Erikson. I joined the Kindersley Fire department in March 2020. My dad is the one who inspired me to become a firefighter since he was just a volunteer, like me.

When I was younger, whenever my dad received a call, he would bring me and my siblings to the fire hall where someone would watch us. This was when I got to experience the guys and girls get ready and leave within a few minutes, and I was amazed. I’ve always looked up to my dad and other firefighters because I always saw them as superheroes. It wasn’t until I got to the job that I realized we are just humans. Often on a call, we see more things in one day than most people would in their entire life–I think this is one of the most challenging obstacles we, as firefighters, have to face.

So far on the department, my most memorable moment was my very first call. My heart was racing and my adrenaline was through the roof! I was so excited to get out there and help serve the community.

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