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Meet Kindersley Firefighter Josh Goetz, also known as Yeti!

Hi I’m Josh Goetz! Some of you don’t even know my first name and know me more as Yeti. The last eight years have been a roller coaster, embarking on an adventure from a small eastern town that landed me in small town Saskatchewan.

I started working in the oilfield, bought a house, and became a member of the community, which I try to engage in as many events as possible. Most of the year you can find me playing and watching sports, quading or mountain snowmobiling in BC.

Ever since I was a young lad I’ve always wanted to support my community and be a firefighter. It’s always been hard to balance workload with being able to volunteer however, in the last year and a half I’ve been able to accomplish both! I’m super thankful for our fire family and support team!

My most memorable moment would be at the extrication course we just hosted. In our last scenario of the day, I got put in charge of one group with the task of getting an injured patient out of a very intricate MVC. With many cuts and precise bends, we were able to finish our tasks and help the other group as well.

I think the most difficult issue we’re faced with truly is recruiting and retention. It’s a lifestyle and for some people, it’s difficult to make the change.

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