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Bodyfit Becomes Busted Barbell Athletic Club

Shilow Bennett is taking her love of fitness one step further…

Busted Barbell Fitness was established in 2015 and officially opened its doors as a Sports Nutrition store in January 2016. Now following on the heels of her successful store, Shilow Bennett has decided to take her love of fitness one step further and launch Busted Barbell Athletic Club, formally known as Bodyfit Fitness Lounge.

Bennett has always had a passion for helping others discover their fitness and nutrition goals, something she does daily through her store. “My rawest passion is helping other people. I love doing this by learning various ways the body works and reacts when it comes to health and fitness. I also love helping people understand how to make their lives better and healthier.”

After joining Bodyfit in 2013, Bennett fell in love with being at the gym and the sense of community between members, which was further solidified after becoming a CrossFit instructor. “I had first hand experience in making a difference and impact on someone’s life through health and fitness. Seeing and helping someone succeed is almost more rewarding than finding success yourself. Those powerful moments really reinforced the fact that I wanted to help people through health, fitness and nutrition.

So, when the opportunity to expand her brand and take on Bodyfit came up Bennett jumped at the chance. “With taking over Bodyfit, we already have such a strong foundation of the physical gym as well as a sense of community among our members. I feel very fortunate to take over such a well known and respected business in Kindersley. My goals with Busted Barbell Athletic Club is to give the members exactly what they want–to bring to life how I envision my dream gym. We will be adding some amazing new pieces of strength and cardio equipment, and we will be undergoing some renovations to really tie the entire Busted Barbell Fitness brand together. Ultimately my goal is to create a space and place for everyone to ask questions, feel comfortable and be excited to make positive changes to their health and well-being.”

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