Introducing the Newest Member of the Kindersley Fire Department

By Joan Janzen

The newest member of the Kindersley Fire Department is Cassidie Erikson. The Kindersley Fire Department is a full-service volunteer department responsible for providing an efficient and effective delivery of fire, rescue and life-safety emergency services. The Department consists of men and women, including the Fire Chief, two Deputy Chiefs, one Assistant to the Chief, three Captains, and four Lieutenants.

Cassidie came from Flin Flon, Manitoba, and moved to Kindersley where some of her family members reside. “I am the newest member of the fire crew,” Cassidie said, and she’s also the second female to join the Kindersley Fire Department. The other female member, Olga Bersotsky said, “During the last five years I have been the only girl out there. It is really nice to have another girl in the crew! It is really good for the team to have diversity; everyone brings something unique. The more the better!”

Cassidie agreed. “When I arrived, Olga said ‘Finally! Another girl!’ I love it there! I was kind of uncertain in the beginning, but I started loving everything we do on the job.”

Besides being part of the fire department, Cassidie works at Merlin Electronics and at the bar in Coleville. She joined the fire department right about the time they were moving into the new fire hall. “A lot of the guys are saying there’s so much more room and it’s way nicer,” Cassidie said.

Since being part of the team, Cassidie has helped out at a few combine fires, was able to save a dog at a house fire, and helped rescue a woman in a car accident. “It was the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!” Cassidie said.

Cassidie’s decision to join the fire department began many years ago. “My dad was a volunteer firefighter when I was younger, and I loved hearing the stories he told us when we were kids. I always went with him to the fire hall and would hang out with the guys who stayed back. Not only did I become a firefighter because of my dad, but I always saw firefighters as heroes. It wasn’t until I got to the job that I understood that we are just average human beings doing what we love. Also, I loved the show ‘Chicago Fire’ when I was younger, so that definitely had a part to play in my inspiration to join the department.”

The newest member of Kindersley’s crew said she would encourage anyone who was interested in joining the fire department to feel free to do so. “It is a rewarding job and everyone at the fire hall makes you feel like family; you never feel out of place or like the biggest newby. There was always someone there to help me out.”

Fire Prevention Week was October 4th to 10th. Fire Prevention Week started in 1925 in Canada and remains a critical public education tool. The Kindersley Fire Department also strives to improve the quality of life for Kindersley residents by providing public education and ongoing training for firefighters like Cassidie Erikson.

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