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Kindersley RCMP Tackles Increased Thefts Reported in Community

Report all crime, no matter how big or small. 

In September, October and November there were almost double (18 each month) the amount of thefts and break and enters reported to Kindersley RCMP than in August (10 reported). Most, if not all, thefts occurred in the town of Kindersley and items such as vehicles, tools and fuel were reported stolen.

“We’re paying close attention to the crime that’s reported to us,” says S/Sgt. Kevin Peterson, Kindersley Detachment Commander. “We’ve adjusted our tactics with more increased proactive patrols within the community at all times of day and are critically analyzing which items are being taken.”

In a recent group of motor vehicle thefts reported to Kindersley RCMP, all vehicles had the keys left inside or nearby. “This is a common occurrence, which means these vehicles are easily targeted and its more probable these crimes can occur,” says Cst. Kevin Wilson of Kindersley RCMP.

In one week, the detachment typically responds to approximately 100 calls for service. Regular and increased patrols, community engagement, targeted enforcement, ongoing investigations into open files and court duties happen on top of these calls for service. The detachment is constantly adjusting their tactics based on intelligence-led policing.

“I want our communities to know that we are there. We are patrolling your streets when you are sleeping or away from your home and we want to keep communities safe and stop criminal activity from happening,” stresses Cst. Wilson, “The Kindersley, Eston and Kerrobert Detachments are comprised of a great group of investigators who understand property crime and theft-related trends.”

“The public can also play a role in keeping communities safe,” says S/Sgt. Peterson, “Set up your own surveillance cameras with signs, bright lights, motion sensors and lock up your outbuildings. Taking the time to report crime can help inform police and assist us with identifying crime trends and activity.”

Remember to:

  • Report suspicious activity when it is happening – it can help advance police investigations when they are reported as soon as possible.
  • Make extra efforts to lock up your tools and other valuables in a secure area. Do not leave these items in plain view or near a window.
  • Do not leave your keys in your vehicles – when you have parked our car, remove the keys and lock your vehicle. Remember, your vehicle key may not be the only one on your key ring if it is stolen or lost.
  • If you see a suspicious person or activity, make a note of clothing, people or vehicle descriptions, time of day to report to police.
  • If you are a victim of theft, report it to police. Even if you do not feel that making the report is ‘worth it’ – your information may assist with other investigations and can help solve a crime.
  • Always call 911 in emergency situations. Call 310-RCMP in non-emergencies or report a crime online anonymously through Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477.

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