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If We Weren’t Talking About COVID

By Ron Baker

Just one of those days!

I’ve had and heard talk about COVID up to my ears – flowing past my eardrums and into my brain. Seems like that’s all we talk about.

What would my usual conversation be at this time of year?

As a church goer and participant, I’d be into talk about Advent. Getting ready for Christmas.

As a near neighbour to American friends and family, I’d be into Thanksgiving (and Black Friday?).

As a weather forecaster’s son, I’d be discussing the upcoming weather and hoping for a Chinook. As a father, I’d be thinking about Christmas plans and where we would be travelling this holiday season. As a husband, I’d be reminding myself to think about getting a Christmas gift for my wife – to be purchased at least by Christmas eve.
As a writer, I’d be quickly finishing off an article on some “trivial” matter that I had been discussing with friends. As a news junkie, I’d be interested to see what new twist had happened in the world. As a Facebook watcher, I’d be taking in all sorts of curious family traditions. As a Zoom call participant, I’d be enjoying the opportunity to just chat about things.

As a . . .

Instead, the conversation tends towards restrictions and interpretations. The law for today and the law for tomorrow. The greater the problem and the wider the spread of the “evil”, the stronger the “remedy” becomes.

Until finally the fatigue of this global season becomes unbearable. And the weight of doing “right” becomes onerous.

Which is when I realize that the grace of governors and rulers is the saving grace that will keep us all going. Pray with me that our rulers will take seriously their mandate to love the citizenry so that we may all have more good days than bad days.

Now, sit back and remember all the things you haven’t been talking about.

And start talking again!

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