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12 Days of Fire Safety

The Kindersley Fire Department has come up with a creative way to help the public stay safe over the holiday period with their 12 days of fire safety.

Day 1. With a real Christmas tree it is important to keep the tree watered and avoid letting it dry out. It is also very important to make sure your real or artificial trees are not blocking any exit routes, are placed away from fireplaces, heaters and any other ignition sources.

Day 2. Christmas trees are beautiful and festive, however, they can pose electrical hazards due to frayed cords or broken/missing builds. Before installing or turning on your lights we suggest performing a visual inspection and replacing any missing or damaged bulbs or replacing the string if it has frayed cords or wires.

Day 3. Check your smoke alarms, make sure they are not expired. Most manufactures suggest every 10 years from the manufacturing date. Change the batteries and test it to make sure it is operational.

Day 4. Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Many new smoke alarms are combination units and will make a different sound for a carbon monoxide alarm vs a smoke alarm. Carbon monoxide is colourless and odourless, following manufacture installation guides and replacement guides are always best.

Day 5. Make and practice your escape plan. Every member of the house should know two ways out of every room and how to safely exit the house. Pick a safe meeting place outside and discuss a safe neighbor with your kids. Do you live on an acreage? Do your kids know how to tell first responders how to get to your property? Come up with a plan that everyone can follow in the event of an emergency.

Day 6. plug extensions are a sure way to overload an electrical circuit. Never run extension cords under carpets or furniture. Make sure you understand what is needed for each location, if you’re unsure of the best and safest option may be to talk to an electrician.

Day 7. Space heaters can help take off the chill, but make sure yours has tip-over protection, the cords are not frayed and that the heaters are kept 3 feet (1 meter) away from all fire hazards such as bedding, clothing or curtains.

Day 8. When you go out, blow them out! Candles can help with the mood on a cold gloomy day but before leaving a room make sure to blow out the candles. Keep lit candles away from pets and children and make sure they are placed away from curtains, holiday décor, and upholstery.

Day 9. Where are your matches and lighters? Are they handy to light a candle or a BBQ? Make sure they are kept up high and out of reach from little hands. We suggest keeping ay fire-starting materials such as matches and lighters in a glass jar with a tin lid.

Day 10. The smell of Christmas dinner or some cookies can really help the Holiday cheer. Be aware of your surroundings, keep papers and flammables 1 meter away from the stove and over, wear tightly fitting clothing and don’t leave the kitchen unattended. Remember if a pot catches fire, put a lid on it and turn off the burner and call 911. If the oven catches fire close the door and shut it off and call .911

Day 11. Careless smoking is a leading cause of fatal fires, encourage smokers to smoke outside and to extinguish their butts in a safe and clean manner.

Day 12. Impaired driving, DON’T DO IT. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t smoke and drive. Don’t text and drive

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