CRA Registry Reveals Surprising Information

By Joan Janzen

A man said he mistakenly handed his wife a glue stick instead of lip balm and he hasn’t heard a word from her since.

In a similar fashion, since the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) was handed out, Canadians haven’t heard details about who benefited from it. However, Andrew Johns, of Coastal Front, has unearthed some interesting information.

Coastal Front is a political content producer, based out of Vancouver, B.C., that’s interested in seeking the truth and reporting on facts important to the Canadian public. Andrew is the host of the show, and he often speaks with influential leaders about topics that impact Canadians. He also digs into facts to keep our government accountable.

Andrew describes himself as a life long advocate of transparency in government, “because there simply isn’t enough accountability for institutions that take our money and use it to provide everyone with public goods and services.” Those were Andrew’s words. “Wasteful spending and unethical use of taxpayer dollars seems to be a cornerstone of this current Liberal government,” he continued.

The CEWS enabled many businesses to remain in business. Prime Minister Trudeau said, “Because we want this to help as many people as possible, we’re going to put it in place with more flexible rules.”

Andrew Johns reported 1.9 million applications were approved and $64 billion in wages were paid out. He also reported that CEWS wasn’t just a lifeline for small business; it was also a cash grab for Canada’s largest and best financed companies.

Andrew discovered a registry by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in which all the 341,589 companies were listed. He searched the registry for key words, and the results generated were somewhat surprising; there was a huge number of foreign corporations that received wage subsidies through the CEWS.

He discovered compelling statistics; Canada’s 10 largest companies who accessed the CEWS had a combined market value of $235 billion. Some of the names that appeared in the registry were: The Roman Catholic Church, Toyota, L’Oreal, Philippine Airlines, Nordstrom, Adidas, 3M and Ford.

Andrew listed his top 10 foreign companies who received the CEWB. Here they are:

De Beers, the second largest producer of diamonds in the world.

Victoria’s Secret, which employs the world’s top models.

Air China (partially owned by the Chinese government).

China Southern Airlines (58% owned by the Chinese government).

Royal Jordanian Airlines, which has over a billion dollars in assets, and is majority owned by the Kingdom of Jordan.

United Airlines

Nike, which had over $2 billion worth of profits in the last 12 months.

Walt Disney Company – with $17.9 billion of cash in their balance sheet.

Bank of China and Industrial Commercial Bank of China, who have combined assets of $8.8 trillion US dollars.

It became obvious that millions of Canadian tax dollars are going to foreign corporations to pay their employees to work in Canada.

Andrew Johns suggested that a bill be tabled that will have these wage subsidies paid back to Canadian taxpayers, and that “Trudeau stop his globalist agenda now”.

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