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When Restrictions Met Reluctance and Resistance

By Ron Baker

I’ve just read another one of those statistics.

COVID is changing us.

This article was about pastors and what is affecting them in this season of church life. The terms that are now being used are “decision fatigue” and “ministerial frustration”.

Decision fatigue: Things are changing so quickly that from the time a decision is made in the first part of the week, that decision may be reversed or altered by the end of the week.

Imagine if the authority that you had to complete tasks was altered constantly.

As a parent you figure you can discipline a child one day and tomorrow you have to reverse that discipline. Would a child grow up confused and distrustful? As a construction foreman you oversee the framing of a wall using the current code of practice. Tomorrow you have to dismantle the wall and start all over again because the rules changed. Would a construction worker want to work for you for very long?

Ministerial Frustration: Differences of opinion are immediate and in your face – with contrast and squabbles arising overnight from both ends of the spectrum nothing seems to get done.

Imagine as the boss that you no longer get work done.

Instead you are overseeing constant squabbles and trying to keep the peace. You are torn by the mission you have been sent to accomplish and the need to keep workers working together. As a parent you are trying to make sure the dishes get done, but they are piling up because the kids are still arguing when the day is done.

The need for leadership and the challenges of leadership are not new. What is new is that the immediacy and rapidness of decision making and peacekeeping are accelerated.

If you are still climbing the mountain of COVID as a leader or as a follower, a big shout out to you today! As we initially hailed essential workers (and continue to do so), we need to hail our day-to-day leaders and workers.

You are making a difference in this world.

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