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West Central Abilities Hosts Mystery Box Fun!

Each house received their Mystery Box around 9:00 am a few weeks ago on Friday morning and were challenged to create a delicious dessert using all the ingredients! Each box included coconut milk, blueberries, strawberries, a zucchini, whole nutmeg, a lime, and some chocolate. They all came up with different and creative dishes using these ingredients.

The winning score of 41 out of a possible 45 points and the award for the Most Surprising Dish was earned by Group Home One, Brooke, Irene, Margaret, Bradley, Wilfred, and Aaron along with Linda, Melanie and Kristine. They prepared zucchini churros dusted with nutmeg, lime zest and cinnamon sugar served with a blueberry-lime jam and a strawberry-lime coconut milk sauces and a chocolate garnish. They also prepared Mexican hot chocolate to go with their churros with a touch of cayenne along with other spices.

Everyone had a role to play in making the winning dessert come together! Brooke took the lead with Linda on making the churros just right while Margaret and Irene worked on the hot chocolate and strawberry sauce and Bradley was focused on the blueberry sauce.

The whole nutmeg had a few of the houses stumped. It took some pacing and the help of google but everyone figured out how to get it open using the tools they had including a meat mallet and a hammer.

In second place, with 39 points and the award for Most Creative Dish was Group Home Three, Helen, Trevor, Anna, Greg, and Liam with help from Sharaya and Brianna. They worked together to create a chocolate pecan zucchini cake topped with a coconut milk and chocolate ganache and mixed berries with a hint of lime. Their cake was incredibly moist!

As the Mystery Boxes of ingredients were delivered in the morning many comments were made about the zucchini! One house was guessing earlier and thought there would be a zucchini in the box, another house was not very impressed after their last experience involving beets and spaghetti squash did not secure a win. Everyone used their creativity and found a way to include what some might see as an odd ingredient for dessert.

Third-place and not far behind with a score of 36 and the award for Best Presentation, was Group Home 2, Karly, and Danielle, assisted by Hannah and Sonia. Their Coconut and condensed milk Jell-o topped with a layer of BlueStrawberry Float, sliced strawberries, and shaved chocolate with chocolate dipped strawberries on the side was beautiful and delicious!! The judges noted a lack of that tricky zucchini on the plate and struggled to taste the lime and nutmeg.

Overall it was a great day and we are thankful to everyone who participated as well as our judges and Buy-Low Foods for sponsoring this event!

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