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Celebrating 37 Years with LaBelle Boutique!

On February 14th, 1984, Frances McManus opened the doors to LaBelle Boutique, and she has been keeping ladies fashionable ever since.

She recently marked LaBelle’s 37th anniversary this past Valentine’s Day and celebrated over three days with treats for her customers. “I’ve always had a loyal clientele who come from far and wide, and I’ve made many friends. I’ve also had wonderful staff and the unwavering support of my family.”

Anyone who has shopped at LaBelle will agree that when you visit, not only is it for the fabulous clothes, but it’s also for a good strong cup of coffee, friendship, and conversation (and usually a Glad’s chocolate or two). “I’ve made many special memories over the years,” says Frances. From Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating at the Kindersley Mall, Pluck your Discount during Goose Festival, to the countless fashion shows throughout the area, it’s safe to say that anyone who has stepped foot into LaBelle Boutique would agree with her.

Of course, as with all businesses, COVID has slightly changed how Frances does things, but she has taken it in her stride. “Every business during this time has had to reinvent themselves so they can stay and serve their customers to the best of their ability. It’s been challenging but it has had its rewards, it has really brought out the loyalty and kindness of others. The support I have received from our clientele has been wonderful.”

Along with sanitizing and social distancing, another area that Frances has increased during COVID is LaBelle’s social media presence. On Facebook and Instagram, there’s videos showing new arrivals, current stock, and sales from brands like Frank Lyman, Tribal, Chaser, and Michael Kors.

Over the phone, via social media, or in person, Frances happily answers anyone’s questions regarding sizes or styles, and always offers to set an item to one side or order in something special for you.

So whether you stop in just to say hi, or are looking for the perfect outfit, be sure to visit Frances and the girls at the Kindersley Mall. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram at labelleboutique84.

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