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Garth MacDonald Named Among Top 50 Canadian Agriculture Leaders

Agribition.com says it perfectly when describing the importance of agriculture and the people behind this industry, “Canadian Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing industries and one of the single biggest economic drivers in the country. It is diverse, innovative, sustainable, and rooted in family and tradition. Canadian agriculture is made up of some of the best, the brightest and the boldest people anywhere.

To help mark just how important agriculture is to Canadians, the Canadian Western Agribition (CWA) recently celebrated Canada’s Ag Day by unveiling a diverse group of industry leaders in their first-ever “Top 50 in Canadian Agriculture” campaign.

The nomination-based campaign was a way to recognize the most influential leaders in Canadian agriculture. The campaign ran across Canada and consisted of five unique categories: Mentors, Upstarts, Innovators, Deal Makers, and Designated Hitters.

After several weeks of nominations, a panel of judges selected ten finalists in each category, and Kindersley’s very own Garth MacDonald was among the Deal Makers winners.

“A business associate within the industry, and someone who I have come to consider a good friend, nominated me as he felt I was a leader in the industry and was someone who should be considered for this campaign. I am very honored to have been named to this group,” says MacDonald.

Winners in the Deal Makers category are described as the movers and shakers who help keep the industry growing. They help make sure agriculture is always at the right table when it’s time to do the deal, and MacDonald considers himself fortunate to be part of this group.

‘When I think of all the talented people I know in Ag, and the other Top 50 members, it is humbling to see how much they have contributed to and changed agriculture. I am very honored to be associated with this group and to have the opportunity to continue contributing to the industry as a whole”, says MacDonald.

MacDonald has been working in the Agriculture Industry since the early 1980s and has been passionate about it ever since. “I find agriculture to be such an interesting industry and it has changed so much in the time that I have been involved. Everything continues to evolve as we find newer and better ways to help our farmers grow in both a sustainable and profitable manner. Since I started, seed has evolved, and crop protection products seem to be changing annually. Fertility has changed as well, and usage has increased as crop yields increase. In this industry, I’ve found that keeping up requires a lot of passion and learning in order to remain relevant and stay knowledgeable about the best practices and newest technology.

“In 2000, we started G-Mac’s AgTeam. In our 20 plus years of operation, we have been very fortunate. We have managed to put together a great team of people who share a passion for agriculture and a zest for life that has allowed us to emerge as an industry leader. It truly is the people that make the Ag Industry so great. At G-Mac’s AgTeam, we get to deal with the manufacturers of the crop production products right through to the farmers that use them and it’s a great group of people that make our job fun and exciting.”

Over the years, MacDonald has put his knowledge of the industry to use, driving G-Mac’s AgTeam forward, helping it stay relevant in the industry. “As long as I am able to, I plan to continue to lead our great team at G-Mac’s AgTeam. We want to continue to help our growers increase crop production in a profitable and sustainable manner to ensure growth for future generations to come. Increasing our knowledge about technological advances and the newest crop production practices is of the utmost importance to our team to continue to bring the best that the market has to offer to our farmers. We also plan to continue to support our communities to ensure that the communities in which we exist thrive and grow.”

MacDonald, and all Top 50 in Canadian Agriculture winners will be featured in a magazine that will be distributed by CWA and will be celebrated at CWA’s 50th show in November 2021.

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