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COVID Post-squeeze

By Ron Baker

Any crisis situation lives first off adrenaline. When we are squeezed, we tend to pump ourselves up and get on with life. Or our adrenaline drains and hope expires.

That was last year.

This year we are feeling like the all encompassing grip of COVID is not so threatening. Vaccines are on the way. We can break down the locale of the greatest threats. We even have data that indicates transmission and reception levels.

How does this translate in rural Saskatchewan – post-squeeze!

We are not ignorant or unknowing people. We may have our conspiracy theories tucked in the back of our head, or at the tip of our tongue. There have always been a multitude of options for the interpretation of historical events. COVID will contain that same number, if not more, explanations of what happened. Let’s be kind to each other, understanding and maybe even allow for a few tension filled moments!

Is there one thing for sure that we have learned?

we might wander into our inability to forecast the future. We are not very good at the crystal ball. One of the greatest complaints I receive is that almost every rule we are to follow has been contradicted at some point – often by the same agency. This is like walking in fog – not sure what comes next but having to take another step to get somewhere.

Or maybe we would wander into the area of quivering decisions. I received a note from a friend that they had been in contact with someone who had symptoms that may have been like COVID. Their contact with each other had followed all COVID protocols. Was I to quarantine, to self-monitor, to continue on as if nothing happened?

Or maybe we might wonder about the sanity of our world. Politics has always been tinged with the unpredictable and the improbable. Now that we are letting our breath out, we’re not sure where our next breath will come from. Will we be sideswiped by a rogue leader or drowned in an indecisive bureaucracy. Not new questions, but exacerbated by a recent global crisis.

Let’s stop there! Much more could be said.

Now, let’s move ahead. . .

Maybe, though, we need to first step back, enjoy the breathing space, put a little trust in each other and go for a walk (with a mask if preferred). Look at the world around you – the trees will soon be back in leaf. Leave your crushed ribs and gasps for breath behind. Care for the sick and dying. I wish I could say that goes without saying – but in the midst of being squeezed we may have lost our generosity and compassion. Flex those muscles of love!

And be thankful.

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