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Edge Realty: Farmland for Tender in RM of Chesterfield #261 – L202121

For Sale $189,900
Listing #L202052

Listing Agent: Brad Edgerton


Land SAMA Cult. Acres Total Assessment Annual Oil Revenue

NW 29-27-26 W3rd 126 131,100 2,500

NE 29-27-26 W3rd 153 158,200 0

SW 29-27-26 W3rd 150 162,600 0

Conditions of Offers:

  • All offers and inquiries to be submitted on or before Thursday, March 25, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.
  • Highest or any offers not necessarily accepted
  • Persons submitting offers must rely on their own research, inspection of land as to conditions and No. of acres
  • Deposit cheque for 5% of the offered amount must accompany the offer. Cheque made payable to Edge Realty Ltd. (cheques will be returned to unsuccessful bidders)
  • No offers will be considered which are subject to financing
  • Mineral rights not included

    Please forward all bids and inquiries to:


BOX 1324, Kindersley SK S0L 1S0

PH 306-463-4515 Fax: 306-463-4516


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#106 6th Ave West, Eatonia

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