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Clare’s Law Will Now Be Enforced by the RCMP

Clare’s Law will now be enforced by the RCMP, as a result of amendments made to the RCMP Regulations, 2014. Jeremy Patzer, MP for Cypress Hills—Grasslands has been advocating for these changes with the Ministries of Public Safety and Justice, and considers this announcement a win for women, and a step in the right direction to combatting domestic abuse.

“With the disturbing trend of increasing domestic violence as a result of the pandemic, this announcement couldn’t be more timely,” said MP Jeremy Patzer. “Saskatchewan has the highest rate of domestic violence among all provinces, and it is critical that at-risk individuals are protected from potential violence and abuse.”

Clare’s Law legislation allows police to disclose a person’s prior intimate partner violence information to a current or former intimate partner. This will help individuals make informed decisions about their safety, and the safety of their intimate partner relationships.

MP Patzer sponsored a petition by Swift Current resident Anika Henderson last summer, calling on the Government to make necessary changes to the Privacy Act. The petition gained significant momentum, and was presented in the House of Commons in November of last year.

“I’m grateful to Ministers Bill Blair and David Lametti for taking the time to listen to our concerns on this issue, and that we were able to put partisan politics aside in order to help protect vulnerable citizens from domestic abuse. I also want to thank my constituent Anika Henderson for bringing this issue to my attention, and for your tireless advocacy on this file. To all of you signed our Clare’s Law petition, your voices were heard, and women will be safer as a result of your efforts.”

MP Patzer also noted that while he is certainly celebrating this success today, more work needs to be done. Saskatchewan and Alberta are the only provinces where Clare’s Law is in force, and it’s important we get similar legislation in place for all of Canada. “Stay tuned as we consider policy options at a federal level,” he said.

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