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Pranking the Prankster

By Ron Baker

Here’s the thing about getting older. The secrets of “who dunit” tend to come out.

You know, the stuff mom never knew. Or the “coincidence” no one could explain. Or the April Fools prank everyone thought you did – but had nothing to do with you.

That’s the thing.

I have always figured that pranking a prankster was the best prank of all.

When you get credit for the best prank of the year, you know you have won! Life is yours, you are on top of the world. And you didn’t have to do anything!

Here are some possible tips. Not saying I was smart enough to have done this – just saying . . .

1. Appear ignorant, but not too much so. Even if you don’t have the slightest idea of who or what, when people point the finger at you as a possibility – don’t say anything. But don’t not say anything. Appear like you could have done this but don’t say you did.

2. Learn to be around when the prankster is around. Keep you ear to the ground. A good prankster always lets out enough before hand. They want credit. All you have to do is be aware and present somewhere in the vicinity. When the prank happens, everyone thinks it was you.

3. Try a prank yourself. Make it really bad. Then tell people that you did that prank. When they object, you object that they objected. But not too much. Let them think you are way too smart to have done that stupid a prank. So when a really good prank is pulled off, they immediately think of you. And you don’t have to say a thing.

Now, lest you think that I’m way too smart (or is that deceptive) – in my old age I can finally reveal that I am way to ignorant.

I didn’t know how to even think up some of the pranks I got credit for. I wasn’t smart enough.

Often I was confused when people talked about the pranks I got pinned with. I was still trying to figure out the prank and didn’t know what to say when they asked me if I did the prank. I kept quiet, still trying to figure out what they were talking about. They figured I did it because I wouldn’t admit to the prank or deny the prank.

And so, I pranked the pranksters without knowing it! Ignorance truly is bliss!

As the old saying goes, “credit where credit is due”.

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