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Kindersley Fire Applauds Regina Fire’s New Fire Safety App

Like the Kindersley Fire Department, Regina Fire and Protective Services have taken to a more virtual way to share their fire safety messages.

Due to the pandemic, Regina Fire and Protective Services haven’t been able to do large in-group sessions, so with the help of the University of Regina, they have created a new app called Regina – Fire 911 Education.

The app helps parents teach their children how to call 911 by actually dialling and hitting the call button, without connecting to a real dispatcher.

It also teaches users how to find their address and provides a script for parents to read, the dialogue is what a 911 dispatcher ask in the event of an emergency. It has also been designed to teach kids to call 911 even when there is no network.

“I like this app because once you login to the app, it works like a real phone–it shows a picture of a locked phone screen, and you have to hit the emergency button on the bottom left of the screen, then it will allow you to dial 911. The app does not have any sound with it, instead, it congratulates you for dialling the correct number. It also has a dialogue box for the parents to ask and discuss 911 questions with their kids.

I can not express enough the importance of kids knowing how to dial 911 in an emergency and the importance of knowing how to direct emergency crews to the address. This app gives families the chance to teach and learn about accessing a phone in an emergency with a hands-on approach,” said Deputy Chief Mitch Hope.

For anyone wanting to download the app, it can be done through Google Play or your Apple Store.

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