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Local Storm Chaser Jenny Hagan Launches TV Series Today

Calling the Land of Living Skies home is the perfect place for Jenny Hagan whose passion for storm chasing continues to grow.

For over ten years, Hagan has been behind the camera chasing storms across the prairies. Recently, she has shifted focus and has trying something different, with great results! “These past two years I’ve spent more time getting out in front of the camera all thanks to lots of support from my network of online followers–they keep asking for more!” says Hagan.

After the great feedback and encouragement she has received about being in front of the camera, Hagan had an idea. “I thought it would be great to show a different side of chasing, not just the images most see after, but a true behind-the-scenes look at doing what I love to do.” So it was with this idea, Hagan decided to create her own TV show, “Lost in the Storm”, which debuts tonight at 5 p.m.

“My favourite part of filming is going through the footage and seeing how much fun we had on the road during a chase. The goofiness, smiles and laughter. Funny things that happened that most people don’t get to see,” Hagan explained.

Hagan also shared that filming a show is completely new to her. “I have no background in filming, so getting cameras where they need to be and everything correct, testing equipment has been a learning experience. There’s also the challenges of going through the many hours of footage from a chase trip.”

Of course, chasing storms comes with a certain amount of danger, but that hasn’t put Hagan off, in fact, it seems to have only fueled her passion further! “There’s adrenaline and adventure in chasing. You also meet many amazing people and see a vast amount of the Canadian prairies and it’s beautiful landscape. I do all my own forecasting for storms so I can get to the right areas where a storm will fire. There’s a satisfaction in knowing you put all the work into getting to the right spot at the right time.”

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Watch the first episode tonight https://youtu.be/eIQYgvqlQqE

See more by Jenny on her page HERE

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