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How WCA Got to Where It Is…

With a warm welcome to Spring. . . 

Spring is in the air, and new beginnings are sprouting around us. Now is a time for us to reflect on how and why we got here in the first place.

You may be unfamiliar with the people behind the work, those who deliver and are enhancing human services. These are the people that have dedicated their life’s work to assuring individuals experiencing disabilities will have a life of meaning, feel safe to make choices, to accept and transcend their differences.

At WCA our astounding staff team supports a shared vision of empowering individuals to make choices and experience fulfilment while enjoying full citizenship. We come together to serve our community, advocating for acceptance, and are leading the way of transformed experiences. There is no greater gift than people supporting people! 

These are the true testimonials of some of our valued employees.

“When I first joined WCA I did not have a lot of information on what the company was all about, and I needed to learn quickly as I was dealing with human beings. Working for people with disabilities is a very rewarding job, they have taught me the importance of being compassionate, honest and the real meaning of respect. At the (group) home where I work, we have the best staff. We laugh, we cry, and we disagree, but at the end of the day, it is always the wellbeing of the people we serve that counts. My co-partner always supports me, and I support her. When I am down, she encourages me and always has something positive to say. The whole management team encourages all of us to be ourselves without prejudice. They listen to our opinions without judgement. We can always count on their guidance and support to go forward and do our job. That is the real reason why my ‘for the time being job” became my career for 28 years and counting.”
-Carmelita Kellington, Residence Manager

“I’m delighted to be a part of WCA, staff and services. Encouraging, respecting, and supporting individuals with compassion and empathy to live their best lives, is my passion which has a piece of my heart. I love walking through the doors to see big smiles, happiness and good laughs warms my heart.”
-Brianna Schmaltz, Program Staff  

If you wish to learn more about our services and experiences, please visit our website. You never know you just might become a part of our transcending team and join in this wonderful life changing journey we are all on here at West Central Abilities Inc. 

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