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Contentment – Why We Need to Reevaluate Our Lives

By Ron Baker

I haven’t heard the word contentment much these last few months.

When all is in flux, when nothing seems stable, thinking I’m “alright” right doesn’t seem right.

Of course, contentment has been a sizable goal of all of us over the years. When we are a child, we want to have the why question answered all the time. When we are young teens we want to escape the restrictions of parents and guardians. In young adult days, we just want to change the world. In middle age we realize we aren’t changing the world. In our senior years, we wish we were young once again. We are constantly discontent.

All of these cases of discontent are based on an incorrect evaluation of our lives.
I read a book called The Selfishness of America a few decades ago. The premise was that we had lost the soul of our society. We evaluated everything based on a self-centred perspective. We wanted to be significant in our own eyes. But we could never live up to our own desire for perfection. We then joined therapy and self-esteem workshops that taught us that we needed to accept our incomplete self – get over our hopeful self – and move on.

Which meant we never looked beyond ourselves to what could be, just inside ourselves to what was.

The pandemic flipped us upside down, spilled our pockets of all the discontent that we have tried to suppress, and our mental health has declined.

If it is up to yourself – expect to be discontent! You don’t have the breadth of knowledge or the width of experience or even the depth of truth to capture contentment for your life.

What would happen if we changed our perspective?

With eyes open, start to see the creator’s view of us. Made in the creator’s image. But then, we have been marred by evil. Scarred by broken sunrises, twisting relationships and disappointing results. The content of our life has been whipped into a frenzy. Until . . .

We return back to the creator, hear his invitation, delivered by the Creator himself. “All who are full of the busy-ness of life and whose mental health has burdened you down – partner with me, learn about who I am – and I will give you rest.”

Contentment is seeing with different eyes!

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