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Sonshine Kennels: How To Tell If Your Dog Is Overtired

1. Yawning – Most people would probably say, that’s the most obvious.

2. He forgets commands – If he seems to have forgotten even the simplest commands without any noticeable distraction, it’s very likely that he’s had enough and needs a break.

3. Hyper dog lying down

4. He’s having the “Zoomies” When you’re dog is zooming around, it can mean 2 things: either he’s bored and tries to get rid of his excess energy. Or he’s hyper active because he’s over tired.

5. He’s sniffing the ground This is a particularly obvious sign in training, like Agility. Your pup is usually super motivated and focused on you. But sometimes he just seems to get distracted by smells every 5 seconds, right? Yep, then he’s done.

Keeping an Eye on Your Pet’s Health Is Critical. Sleep Is a Huge Part of a Dog’s Balanced Lifestyle. Seems Interesting How That These Indicators Can Show up in Us Too. so Take Some Time With Your Pooch To Rest and Catch Up on Some Zzzzzz’s.

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