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Welcome to the KS Team, Josh Mulatz

My name is Josh, and I’m a technology enthusiast!

I originally hail from Calgary, and I am the oldest of four kids, I have one brother and two sisters. While in Calgary I attended Catholic school for all 12 years of grade school. After leaving university in 2009, I moved to Alsask and after a year of living there and working a couple odd jobs around Oyen, I found a place in Kindersley. Since a young age I’ve always been fascinated by how the world around me works and how we went from riding horses to measuring horses under the hood of a car. Having an insatiable curiosity has worked well for me. I did well in school, kept my teachers on their toes by asking Why? and How? A lot. I read almost everyday and brainstorm, tinker and consult with friends and technology professionals around the world. When I’m not working with technology I enjoy fishing, hunting and camping.

When Kindersley Social asked if I would be interested in writing a series of articles about technology I instantly had a few ideas I wanted to talk about. Over the next couple weeks I plan on exploring ideas related to things like Blockchain. What is it? What can we use it for? Crypto currencies, what cryptocurrency fundamentally is, the different types of cryptocurrency. things like Bitcoin – Does it really use as much energy as most people think? and Etherium – Soon to be moved to proof of stake instead of proof of work, something that will be great for energy usage but it could also be a huge decrease in profits for crypto miners. What is a wallet? How do you get one? Why are there so many different crypto currencies? The current regulation and rules around it. How investors buy and sell it and best practices investors follow. All of these things can lead to many questions. Hopefully some light can be shed onto these topics.

I also want to delve into Electric vehicles, did you know Kindersley is getting a bank of Tesla EV chargers soon? Solar powered airplanes are also becoming a thing with smaller and lighter batteries, not to mention the efficiency of newer solar panels. 

I will also offer some tips and tricks dealing with computer security concerns, cloud computing which can be tied into an article on block chain and what the block chain can do for all of us. I’ll give you tips on how to keep your important records, work files and family memories safe and accessible, as well a your Bitcoin/Etherium/Dogecoin/Monero safely locked away from scams and the people that run them.

I look forward to my next article until then hopefully we can all enjoy some nice June weather.

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