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Sonshine Kennels: How to Take Care Of a Senior Dog

Senior dogs have different care requirements than adult dogs and puppies. And, in order to provide the best possible senior dog care, you will have to do things a little bit differently in order to keep them healthy.

As a dog ages, they become less mobile, their hearing and sight aren’t as good as they used to be, and they are more prone to various diseases. Still, getting older isn’t a death sentence and dogs can spend their golden years healthy and happy.

Age-appropriate diet
A balanced diet plays a big role in maintaining your dog’s health even when they age. So it is important to find the best dog food that is specially designed for senior dogs in order to prevent weight gain.

Regular exercise
Regular exercise will help your dog maintain their ideal weight and will also have a beneficial impact on their overall health. Be patient, start slowly and build your dog’s stamina with regular walks and light jogs if they are able to run.

Regular vet checkups
Regular vet care is one of the most important things when it comes to caring for older dogs. As your dog ages, their immune system becomes weaker, which makes them more prone to all sorts of ailments.

Maintain oral health
Most old dogs don’t get the proper dental care during their adult life, so it is not uncommon to see older dogs with a few missing teeth. Dental care is an important part of grooming and should be performed regularly from a young age. Vaccination and parasite protection Your dog’s age doesn’t matter when it comes to flea, tick, and worm protection. So you should continue administering proper treatments just like before.

Regular grooming
As your dog ages, so do their coat and skin, a once luxurious and shiny coat can become dull looking and brittle. That means that you will have to brush your dog regularly, especially to avoid the development of mats and tangles. We also recommend that you use only natural shampoos that will nourish and heal irritated skin and coat.

Provide special accommodations
Older dogs may develop arthritis or other bone and joint problems that affect their mobility. Furthermore, a blind dog will also have trouble jumping on the bed or sofa at night. In these cases, your dog can benefit from soft bedding and an easily accessible bed that won’t require jumping or climbing. Also, it is a good idea to place carpets and rugs around the house to help an arthritic dog gain their footing and ease their movements a little bit.

Spend time with your pup
Aging is a completely normal thing, but it is very difficult and painful to witness all the changes that aging may bring your beloved dog. The best thing you can do is to live in the moment and cherish all the memories and every day spent with your pooch. Treat your dog like your best friend, deserving of your love and attention every single day.



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