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Microgreen Business Sprouts up Across Community

If you log onto Facebook and search “Cleigh’s Greens” photos and videos of colourful tiny sprouts called microgreens will pop up. But what exactly are microgreens and who are the people behind Cleigh’s Greens?

Microgreens, also known as micro herbs or vegetable confetti, are rich in flavour and pack a nutritional punch to any dish.

Rogelio “Roger” and Genevieve Velasco, are the couple, along with their two lovely girls, who decided to start the microgreen business, Cleigh’s Greens.

It was their shared love of gardening that “planted the seed” for Roger and Genevieve to start their business. “We grow vegetables in our small backyard, and we love to share them with our friends after we harvest. Growing greens is our passion, and it makes us happy. It’s also been a source of comfort during the pandemic,” says Roger.

Borrowing inspiration from the microgreen company Micro Acres, based in Airdrie, Alberta, Roger and Genevieve began to develop the idea of growing healthy microgreens indoors all year round and serving them to the people in the community.

“We started our microgreen business because we want to give people locally grown, nutritious and flavorful tiny vegetables. Our microgreens are organically grown—just seed, soil and water—they are 100 % free from pesticides or chemicals. At first, we started growing for our consumption, then we came up with the idea of introducing the greens to the Kindersley Community,” says Roger.

He also explained that microgreens are young vegetable greens harvested just after the cotyledon leaves or baby leaves have developed. They are often used as a nutrition supplement, visual, flavour and texture enhancement. Microgreens are packed with nutrients and contain up to 40 times higher levels of vital nutrients compared to their mature counterparts.

Not only do Roger and Genevive spend time tending to their plants, but they are also active on Facebook, sharing recipe ideas and explaining the benefits of these tiny, nutritious plants. “Microgreens are kind of new to people, so we also want to spend time giving information and educating people on the benefits of eating healthy microgreens.”

So when asked what their favourite part is, they both happily said everything! “From sowing seeds to harvesting. It’s fun, and we really enjoy it! Seeing the tiny greens on our customer’s plates, having them send us messages and photos of how they incorporate the fresh and healthy microgreens in their daily meal is very fulfilling. Reading their messages and feedback excites us and helps us improve the quality of microgreens we grow and the service as well that we offer.”

Looking towards the future, Roger and Genevieve plan to continue growing healthy and tasty microgreens, join Farmers’ Markets, and expand their production to not only Kindersley but other neighbouring towns.

So be sure to follow Cleigh’s Greens on Facebook, or contact them on Facebook or at 306-838-3098 to place your order.

Stay healthy with Cleigh’s Greens!

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