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Sonshine Kennels: What in the World is a Whoodle

When the ever so intelligent Poodle mates with the amicable SoftCoated Wheaten Terrier you get a Whoodle.

A handy side-kick, who may occasionally be mistaken for an oversized teddy-bear, the Whoodle is a designer dog breed. Medium in size, with a soft curly and cuddly coat, the Poodle – Wheaten Terrier Mix is a perfect companion for any individual, couple or families with children.

Popular for their charismatic charm and size (coming in three different sizes: miniature, medium or standard), the Whoodle makes an intelligent and cheerful dog breed.

Well-natured, fun-loving, playful and loyal, the Whoodle is a go-to family dog due to its caring and easy-to-train temperament. This breeds’ intelligence and love for learning not only makes training fun for you, but also fun for them. They quickly become top students.

A Whoodle puppy craves attention and love from its owner. A fun-loving breed, they love to have oodles of playtime! For an energetic dog like this, exercise should be scheduled into their daily routine. They love training and catch on very quickly thanks to their Poodle parent!

Time to book in for summer holidays!

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