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The Age of Rage: Children Don’t Need to Experience This!

By Ron Baker

Imagine a grade six student being told in their online class to gather together their experience of white privilege and repent of that privilege. Now imagine that child has native ancestry but looks white. The teacher’s attitude seems overwhelming.

To expect a young child to accept an overabundance of scorn upon white privilege is not right. To expect the teacher to be able to vent venom is to accept the sting of prejudice.

Now imagine a twenty-something male with treaty card status growing up with white privilege (as a Metis) amidst native friends who experience racial profiling.

What about an East Indian adopted into a white family? How about a brother-in-law who marries a full-blooded native? What about a lineage that goes back 500 years to a time of persecution of their religious group by other Europeans? Or how about a family history that has poverty ingrained into this previous generation? Can you overlook a family with domestic abuse? What about two white Caucasian male brothers, both artists, who experience gender discrimination in their pursuit as artists?

What about “conchies”? The government conscripted young men in the Second World War. A Saskatchewan youth, spiritually inclined to an abhorrence of violence, is given a choice. Fight or choose a second-class existence. Conscientious objectors were looked on as cowards and perhaps even traitors. He chose to be a conscientious objector.
These are not removed stories I am telling. This is my family!

The recent stories of discrimination, racism, gender profiling, religious persecution and much more hit home to me. I would rather not be writing this editorial. I fear I am too close to the problem, and may rage without reason. I also fear I may be inclined, for the sake of avoiding disrespect and scare tactics of my opponents, to cover up injustice.
I am not alright with a world that spews rage!

I am inclined towards peace.

No more war. No more power grabbing. No more violence.
No more!

At the same time, in order to join in protest against injustice, let me also say: No more war, No more power grabbing, No more violence.
No more!

Lots more understanding. Lots more love. Lots more desire for the best of others.

And start with me!

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