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Linda Resch and Murry Dunn Celebrate 35 Years in Business

For any company, 35 years in business is incredible, one that shows drive, passion, and determination in the people “behind the scenes”.

This July, Linda Resch and Murray Dunn are celebrating 35 years of proudly serving the local community. “For me, to be able to stay 35 years in business is a huge achievement,” says Resch. But she laughed when saying how it all started,” It’s Murray’s fault. He’s always been interested in electronics, batteries, parts, and computers. Our dad helped us out in the beginning and then it just kinda went from there.”

Initially, Resch and Dunn bought into the RadioShack franchise, but over the years have evolved into their own entity, Murlin Electronics. They’ve also grown from 1,200 square feet consisting of one employee to over 3,600 feet with 11 employees. Resch and Dunn also increased their computer capacity, growing to sell and service PC and Apple computers, peripherals, and parts.

In addition to growing and altering their business, electronics are products that continue to change over time, and with that Resch and Dunn have also had to learn new skills. “That’s the big thing with electronics, you can’t just sell the product, you also have to learn and know how to service it, which is something we have learnt along the way,” says Dunn. “We are always trying to evolve and stay current with the new trends. Electronics are a fluid thing, so you gotta try and keep up with how things change and keep moving forward.”

As they celebrate this July, Resch and Dunn aren’t stopping there, and are looking forward to many more years with the business, aiming to bring their customers the best in service and electronics. “Our customers have kept us going, and over the years we have tried to deliver the best possible products and customer service to them,” says Resch. “We also wouldn’t be where we are today without our staff, they are loyal and hardworking–a huge thank you to them.”

Congratulations Linda and Murray!

**Be sure to stop by Murlin Electronics on July 15th to help celebrate their 35 years in business by taking part in their Bbq and Breville blender draw!**

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