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Stephanie Fusnik Brings Healing Services to Kindersley

From irritable bowel syndrome to post-surgery and injury rehabilitation, for those looking for help with an illness or ailment, Stephanie Fusnik should be your go-to.

Fusnik was born in Vancouver, but grew up in Spiritwood, Sask. After high school, she moved to Saskatoon to pursue a degree in Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan.

“While in university I got my personal training certification. I trained everyone–athletes, “average Joes”, right through to individuals with chronic conditions,” explained Fusnik. “I also ran the Saskatoon Fire Department, Saskatoon City Police and RCMP applicant fitness testing.”

Once she completed her bachelor’s degree, she went on to gain her exercise therapist certification and her masters’ degree in Kinesiology focusing on clinic cardiac exercise physiology. And, as if studying for a Master’s wasn’t enough, she also taught a variety of undergraduate lectures and worked as a lab teaching assistant during this time.

“After this, I went on to work in cardiac rehabilitation for the Saskatchewan Health Authority in Saskatoon and then as the exercise therapist for the chronic disease exercise management programs for the former Heartland Health Region (I even worked in Kindersley!). During this time I realized there was so much more I wanted to do for my clients if only I could provide more hands-on services,” said Fusnik.

After stumbling across osteopathy at a fitness convention, Fusnik knew it was a combination of everything she loved, which spurred her on to research the therapy further. “It sounded like the perfect mix of massage therapy and chiropractics. Plus, it would also blend well with my exercise therapy and personal training background,” she said. “I was ecstatic at the thought of being able to do manual therapy and pair corrective exercises to maintain the results!”

All of this experience has led Fusnik to where she is today – a business owner, manual osteopathic and exercise therapist, personal trainer and online coach.

“I have my own facility in Saskatoon but I also travel to Kindersley three to four times a month in a partnership with Pathway to Wellness. What I love most about my career is that I get to help people with a variety of concerns – every day is different! I treat things from painful menstruation to chronic pain. I have always had a passion for learning, teaching and helping others and I get to do that every day now. My goal is to help people move better (bowels included!) so they can feel better! This is what created Vitality Osteopathic and Exercise Therapy!”

In addition to treating her clients, she also educates them on how everything in their body works together and how they can live a healthier, happier, life.

For anyone who has questions or is interested in learning more about osteopathy or would like to book an appointment you can contact Fusnik at:

Phone: (306) 716-9635
Instagram: @vitalityosteo.exercisetherapy
Facebook: Vitality Osteopathic and Exercise Therapy – Stephanie Fusnik

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