SaskWell & 211 Saskatchewan Team Up to Help with Reopening Anxiety  

Earlier this month, the Government of Saskatchewan opened up the province, removing the majority of  COVID-19 guidelines, including making masks optional and allowing businesses to operate at maximum  capacity.

Although to some people this is news that they have been waiting over 18 months to hear, others  are skeptical about the “return to normal.” Due to the current number of COVID-19 cases, the news of the Delta Variant in the south, or just the shock factor of going over a year with social distancing to virtually back to normal overnight, many residents are experiencing discomfort with this sudden change of lifestyle.

In an effort to help residents of Saskatchewan deal with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty that some may  experience with the reopening of the province, SaskWell and 211 Saskatchewan are combining their resources in order to offer residents a holistic approach to conquering mental health issues they may face, no matter the  degree of intensity.  

SaskWell is a free two-way texting wellness service which was developed with the intent to support residents  of Saskatchewan during and beyond COVID-19, by providing them with mental health and wellness  resources. Although the service was originally designed to offer general mental health and wellness support;  SaskWell has added social anxiety tips to help residents through this latest transition. Users can sign up by  texting JOIN to 759355, calling 1-855-237-5934 or signing up online at  

211 Saskatchewan is a free and confidential service, accessible through online (, phoning 2-1-1 or  texting 211, which links people within Saskatchewan with community services in their area, offered through  social programs, communities, non-clinical health care, or government programs. With a centralized database  of all available resources, 211 Saskatchewan makes it so residents are one search, call, or text away from  finding the help they need. 211 Saskatchewan is a service of United Way Regina and United Way Saskatoon  and Area. 

Users who are looking for mental health support(s) through the 211 website can now be directed to SaskWell  as a possible resource for supporting their mental wellness. Similarly, if users of SaskWell are struggling with  more than just reopening anxiety or need additional support, SaskWell offers 211 Saskatchewan as a resource  for users to seek help through. There, users can quickly and easily find a wide range of helpful resources in  their area. Together, this texting service and 211 Saskatchewan are committed to helping all residents of  Saskatchewan get the support they need during these fast-changing times to Be SaskWell!  

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