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Patzer Shares Conservative’s New Plan to Boost Jobs and Opportunities in Rural Canada

Jeremy Patzer, the Member of Parliament is happy to share Canada’s Conservative’s new plan to boost jobs and opportunities in rural Canada, released yesterday by the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives.

Having grown up on a family farm that was 2 hours from the closest city but 4 hours from any major center, I’m acutely aware of the unique challenges facing rural Canadians who have few inroads into the agendas of those in the ivory tower,” said Patzer. “The challenges facing farmers, ranchers, and small-town Canadians are only getting worse, which is why I’m happy to see this encouraging announcement by our leader, which will offer meaningful supports for rural Canadians.”

Canada’s Conservatives will take specific steps to help rural Canadians, including:

  • Building digital infrastructure to connect all of Canada to high-speed Internet by 2025.
  • Appointing a Minister of Rural Affairs to Cabinet.
  • Setting aside a portion of federal infrastructure funds for projects in rural areas.
  • Tackling rural crime by adding a sentencing consideration for courts based on evidence that an offence was directed at property or a person that is vulnerable because of their remoteness from emergency services.

“Canada’s Recovery Plan will create jobs across rural Canada – not just in big cities,” said O’Toole. “We will get Canadians back to work from coast to coast to coast and restore hope.”

“It’s time for some meaningful action for rural Canadians,” added Patzer. “Small towns are the life blood to our farmers and our ranchers, who in turn are the lifeblood of the rest of society. Without them, we’re all worse off. Rural Canadians deserve to be treated fairly and have our way of life preserved.”

“Rural Canada has been neglected by the Liberals,” O’Toole concluded. “With Canada’s Conservatives, help is on the way. Our plan will secure the future of rural communities.”

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