Jansen Potash Mine Project is Largest Investment In Saskatchewan’s History

BHP has announced the Jansen Potash Mine in Saskatchewan and will be moving ahead. This decision marks the single largest economic investment ever made in Saskatchewan’s history. 

BHP’s decision is a milestone for Saskatchewan as the company will invest a total of $12 billion to complete the Jansen project. To date, approximately $5 billion has been spent to construct the mine with an additional $7.5 billion in investment expected to complete the project.

The project is expected to create around 3,500 jobs annually during construction. Once in operation, the project will support over 600 direct jobs at the mine site and at the corporate office in Saskatoon.

The Jansen Mine project is expected to produce approximately 4.4 million tonnes of potash per year once complete with the opportunity to expand in the future. Production is anticipated to begin in 2027 and contribute significantly to achieving our government’s Growth Plan targets of reaching $9 billion of potash sales by 2030.

Saskatchewan accounts for approximately 30 per cent of global potash production with the sector employing an estimated 5,000 people. With today’s announcement, over the past 15 years the Government of Saskatchewan’s fiscal regime for potash has attracted $30 billion in committed capital investment in new mines and expansions.

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