Declawing Is Now Illegal in Saskatchewan

The Saskatchewan Veterinary Medical Association has added a new bylaw which states: No member shall perform elective and non-therapeutic partial digit amputation of any felid including domestic cats.

What is declawing?

  • Declawing is a serious surgery where a cat’s toe bones and claws are amputated.
  • Despite its name, declawing isn’t just the removal of a cat’s claws. If the same procedure was performed on a human, his finger would be amputated at the last knuckle.
  • Many cat owners are unaware of the risks of declawing and the pain that cats suffer.
  • Governments have an obligation to protect consumers and animal welfare by making declawing illegal except when medically necessary.

    What are the long-term physical and behavioral impacts of declawing?

  • Chronic pain, lameness, bone spurs, necrosis, and nerve damage
  • Aversion to using the litterbox (due to the cat’s pain in their paws)
  • Increased biting (in compensation for the loss of claws)

    Does declawing keep cats out of shelters?

  • No. There are no studies finding that declawing keeps cats out of shelters.
  • Furthermore, it’s common for cats to be surrendered due to the behavioral problems caused by declawing.

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