Sun West Schools in Attendance September 30th

The federal government recently declared a statutory holiday for September 30th as National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

As this is a federal statutory holiday it applies to most federal offices and federally regulated agencies and they will not be open on September 30. Saskatchewan has opted to not make the day a statutory holiday and therefore most provincial offices and provincially regulated agencies will remain open.

As school divisions are provincially regulated, this will include the Sun West School Division. All Sun West schools and offices will be open on September 30th.

While September 30th is not statutory in Saskatchewan, it is still a nationally designated day to commemorate the legacy of residential schools and just as Remembrance Day is not statutory in all provinces, it is still a day that all Canadians can remember the sacrifices of Canadian veterans. In the same way, Saskatchewan people can still honour the victims and survivors of the residential school system on the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. Sun West encourages all students and staff to wear orange on September 30th to remember those who suffered and died in residential schools.

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