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Help Support the Kindersley Soccer Community

While Kindersley Soccer fans have been anxiously waiting for the start of the 2021-2022 Indoor Season, additional support is necessary before the season can kick off.

Board members are required if the indoor season and subsequent seasons are to move forward. At this moment, only one person has inquired, however, that person was unable to commit. There are currently five board members, with one member stepping down in the coming weeks.

Kindersley schools are waiting until the end of September before it’s decided if community groups can access their buildings. The schools are also currently deciding what the rental fees will be as extra cleaning will be required. Due to these reasons, the KSInc Board has decided to hold off on opening registration until the school gyms are made available and what the protocols will be.

If the indoor season proceeds, players will be playing futsal. Futsal is the only indoor soccer game recognized by FIFA and is played 5-aside on a smaller surface (court) with a low bounce (futsal) ball that allows each player to make technical and tactical decisions in a productive environment that still encourages the physical and social elements associated with soccer. Futsal is a fast-paced and skillful game that can be used as a developmental tool for soccer during the indoor training period or as a stand-alone sport.

If you are interested in joining the board and supporting the Kindersley soccer community, please reach out via the Kindersley Soccer Facebook page.

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For the latest information and for more updates on everything Kindersley,
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