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Accelerated Site Closure Program Landowner Nomination Process

Under the Accelerated Site Closure Program, the Government of Saskatchewan provides landowners with oil and gas sites on their land an opportunity to nominate those sites for consideration for abandonment and/or reclamation work.

The landowner nomination process is open to all landowners. However, at this time, only landowner-nominated sites with Accelerated Site Closure Program eligible oil and gas licenses will be considered under the program. A list of licensees that are eligible for the program can be found on the Landowner Site Nomination page.

The Ministry of Energy and Resources will review the nominations to ensure that they meet program requirements. Accelerated Site Closure Program funds cannot be used by licensees to address sites where the licensee is in arrears to the landowner on surface lease payments, unless there is express consent from the landowner to do so.

The relevant licensee will be notified that one or more of their sites have been nominated by a landowner and will be able to review nomination information for consideration for work under the program. Nomination of a site does not guarantee that it will be abandoned and/or reclaimed under the program.

The landowner nomination process is meant to facilitate information sharing between licensees and landowners to identify abandonment and reclamation opportunities of mutual interest. More information, including how to nominate sites on your land, can be found on the Accelerated Site Closure Program webpage.

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