Saskatchewan Government Announces $3.2 Million in Funding to the Global Institute for Food Security

Innovation Saskatchewan and the Ministry of Agriculture have announced a combined multi-year funding of $3.2 million to the Global Institute for Food Security’s (GIFS) new engineering biology centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

This new centre will help attract investments and companies to the province’s agriculture and food sectors, reducing capital needed to set up and operate businesses looking to deliver research, development and production on a large-scale.

Innovation Saskatchewan is providing $2 million in funding through its Innovation Science Fund. The Ministry of Agriculture’s $1.2 million in funding is provided under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a five-year, $3 billion investment by Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial governments to strengthen and grow Canada’s agri-food and agri-products sectors. This commitment includes $2 billion for programs cost-shared by the federal (60 per cent) and provincial/territorial (40 per cent) governments that are designed and delivered by provinces and territories.  As a result of this government funding, GIFS will also receive additional matching funds through the Canada Foundation for Innovation – Innovation Fund.

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